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When  waste cannot be reduced, reused or recycled, energy from waste provides the most sustainable solution.

The UK currently recycles 45% of its waste, with over 40% of the unrecyclable waste still being sent to landfill. The UK Government’s legally binding target is to reach just over 15 million tonnes of unrecyclable waste per year by 2042 – a 50% reduction on today’s volumes.

That’s where energy from waste comes in. Our facilities efficiently convert waste into power for the National Grid, playing a valuable part of the  UK’s  circular economy  and waste management solutions. A better alternative for everyone.

What is energy from waste?

When residual waste cannot be reduced, reused or recycled, waste to energy provides the most sustainable solution. Here’s how an enfinium facility converts residual waste into energy.

More than energy from waste

In addition to the safe treatment of unrecyclable waste, our energy from waste facilities generate heat and convert waste into electricity. These processes help decarbonise the heat industry and the National Grid, assisting the UK to meet its goal of net zero carbon.


Net Zero

enfinium has the ambition and potential to achieve net zero by 2033 across all our operations.

Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage

We are committed to capturing, utilising and permanently storing fossil and biogenic carbon at our facilities – achieving net carbon removals in the process.


Around half of the waste we receive is biogenic. If we can capture emissions from this waste, we can generate negative emissions that will play a crucial role in helping the UK achieve its Net Zero goal.

Heat and Power

Homegrown energy

The electricity we generate is exported to the grid to power homes and business across the UK, minimising the need for imported energy.

Heat Networks

We can supply new heat networks, to decarbonise homes and business, as well as utilise steam to power the future of UK industry. There is a huge opportunity for many more EfW facilities to harness partially renewable energy to heat homes and businesses across the country.


We can power electrolysers to produce homegrown hydrogen when electricity is not needed by the grid. This will help to reduce the UK’s reliance on natural gas and accelerate the decarbonisation of industry, transport and, in future, heating. With the right support mechanisms in place, EfW could be at the forefront of powering a world-leading UK hydrogen economy.

Materials Recovery

Sustainable resources

Our operations allow us to play a critical role in the emerging circular energy infrastructure in the UK. As well as recovering energy from unrecyclable waste, a key workstream for us is to maximise the utility of all the four by-products we create: electricity, heat and steam, incinerator bottom ash (IBA) and Air Pollution Control residues (APCr).

In partnership with IBA recovery companies, we have recycled 399,226 tonnes per year of our IBA by-product, meaning that we have achieved 100% recycling of IBA. In partnership with APCr recovery companies, we have recycled 46,463 tonnes per year of our APCr by-product, approximately 80%.

Making a difference

Economic Benefits

We make a positive impact in the communities where our facilities operate. The construction of Skelton Grange and Kelvin will create 400 jobs during construction, as well as 45 well paid full-time jobs once operational and through major annual maintenance work, we support local economies in the long term. And by investing in charities, local schools and environmental causes, we are a good partner and neighbour ensuring a better tomorrow for everyone.

Environmental Commitments

All our facilities have been awarded permits from the Environment Agency or Natural Resources Wales and operate well within the strict limits prescribed by the latest emissions regulations. Every day, we run 12,000 separate health and safety compliance checks using our Environmental Management System, aligned to ISO-14001 requirements, to ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

Health & Safety

The health and safety of employees, customers and the communities where we operate is our highest priority. We are proud of our industry-leading safety record, recognising that our strong, uncompromising commitment to safety has been the cornerstone of our success. We work with ‘Safety On Purpose’ to ensure we return home safe and empower employees to do the right thing every hour, every shift, every day.

Community outreach

enfinium is committed to empower its employees make a real difference in the communities where we work and which we serve. enfinium Community Funding supports charitable giving, community funding, volunteering, and sponsorship through outreach and engagement.

Applications for 2023 Community Fund are now open:

Community Funding Application Form

Community Funding application form

enfinium supports registered charities, schools, places of learning, and non-profit organisations for any one of the following causes:

  • the environment
  • education
  • improved standards of health, safety, and wellbeing
  • social inclusion and community wellbeing
  • young people; and
  • the enhancement of the wider community

Meet the enfinium team

Our UK management team delivers operational and financial excellence.

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