enfinium regularly publishes reports and analysis on a range of topics that are crucial to our business.

A vision for the future of UK waste

In our latest report, we set out our commitment to play a leadership role in the UK’s journey to a cleaner, zero carbon future and calls on government to enact a policy framework to achieve this.

A vision for the future of UK waste

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ESG Reports

Our vision helps guide our strategy, set our priorities and realise opportunities for our employees, partners and communities. It is underpinned by our commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance, which are integrated into the policies and principles that govern our business. Our ESG reports can be downloaded below:

ESG Report 2022 – ‘New Horizons’

New Horizons: ESG Report 2022

ESG Report 2021 – ‘Making a Positive Impact’

Making a Positive Impact: ESG Report 2021

Impact Report

CBI Economics were commissioned by enfinium to measure the economic impact of the company’s operations from its employees through to its extensive supply chain across the UK.

The analysis found that in 2022:

  • enfinium contributed nearly £242 million in Gross Value Added (GVA) to the UK economy and supported 1,047 jobs across its supply chain.
  • Over 600 businesses across the UK benefited from enfinium’s operations, with a geographical spread spanning more than half of the UK’s local authorities.  
  • Energy from waste provides high quality employment, with each job at enfinium typically 15 times more productive than the regional average and contributes £0.9 million towards the local economy.

Delivering green growth and supporting communities

Impact Report

Aerial view of the enfinium Kemsley facility

Our facilities

We are proud that all four of our facilities rank within the top ten operational energy from waste facilities in the UK, for overall net carbon benefit for every tonne of waste processed.

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