Skelton Grange

Leeds, West Yorkshire

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Skelton Grange is an advanced development waste-to-energy facility in Leeds. Once completed, it will process up to 410,000 tonnes of residual waste and use it to generate 49MW (gross) of renewable baseload electricity per annum. This is enough energy to power more than 100,000 U.K. homes. Leeds City Council granted planning consent for Skelton Grange in  March  2020 and construction is expected to commence in the second half of 2021. 

At a glance

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Combined heat and power facility generates up to 49MW (gross)

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Energy to meet the needs of more than 100,000 U.K. homes and businesses

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Processes up to 410,000 tonnes of residual waste  per annum

Further information

Skelton Grange, Skelton Grange Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS10 1RR. Thanks to Weedon Architects for the image

Telephone:  0800 422 0036



Phillip Curds | Strategy and Communications Manager