Shift Plant Operator – Kemsley

September 9, 2022 | Recruitment

Job Summary

As shift plant operator you have responsibility for monitoring and maintaining a safe, environmentally compliant, and efficient boiler, auxiliary system and steam turbine generator operation. This role is worked on a rotating shift pattern and overtime or emergency call-out is a requirement to meet operational demands.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Monitors and reacts to all plant operational and emissions data.
  • Detects and responds to changing conditions with regard to maximising plant safety, environmental compliance and efficiency.
  • Co-ordinates, directs and trains the Assistant Plant Operator, Dayteam operators and other plant personnel, as required on the processes utilized at the facility.
  • Performs equipment inspections during outages.
  • Performs physical duties associated with maintaining boilers and various equipment within the plant.
  • Maintains detailed and accurate records of daily operational activities.
  • Assists shift team leader in root cause analysis investigations following plant disturbance or environmental release.
  • Develop standard operating procedures and review following plant disturbance.
  • Works collaboratively with all members of enfinium team and contractors to ensure the highest levels of H&S are maintained at all times.
  • Undertakes any other assigned duties as directed.

Supervisory Responsibilities

  • The jobholder may lead and direct 2-5 employees to ensure optimum operation of the plant and the highest levels of H&S are being maintained.
  • Requirement to deputise for the Shift Team Leader as necessary, but holds no direct supervisory responsibility.

Qualifications & Experience

The requirements listed below are representative of the qualifications necessary to perform the role of Shift Plant Operator:

  • Minimum 4 years working in a power generation environment or similar industry.
  • Technically competent to perform basic first line maintenance tasks at the facility following agreement from Shift Team Leader.
    • Equipment inspections.
    • Lubricating equipment as required.
    • Component exchange as required.
    • Unblocking of systems required for continuous & compliant operation of the facility.
  • Knowledge and skills to operate power plant auxiliary equipment, such as air compressors and dryers, hydraulic power units, forced draft fans, pumps, spray dryer and absorbers, and lime slakers.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the operation and control of a steam generating power plant.


  • Contributes to a positive team spirit and enhances morale.
  • Treats people with respect and works ethically and with integrity at all times.
  • Forms effective working relationships with team and partners.
  • Able to work independently, be self-motivated and take the initiative where required.
  • Effective time management skills.
  • Strong IT skills.
  • Results oriented individual with a positive demeanour.
  • Highest levels of health and safety focus.
  • Work effectively with others to improve efficiency.
    • Communicates clearly whether using in-situ intercom system, two-way radio or face to face.
  • Able to cope with numerous issues simultaneously and capable of prioritising tasks effectively within the hierarchy of decision making.
  • Fosters an environment of teamwork and co-operation.
  • Accepts constructive feedback from others and adjusts performance based on such feedback.
  • Demonstrates respect and sensitivity for cultural/work style and learning style differences.
  • Treats people with respect.

Work Environment

This role is based at enfinium Kemsley CHP Operations Limited in Kent. Travel to other facilities in the enfinium fleet will be required on occasions.

Listed below are key points regarding environmental demands and work environment of the job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of the job.

  • Provide shift rota cover as required to ensure continuous operation of the plant (this includes weekends and public holidays).
  • Will be required to work overtime or attend emergency call-outs in order to meet operational demands.
  • Required to use motor co-ordination with finger dexterity (e.g. handle tools, equipment, reaching with hands and arms).
  • Accessing all areas of the facility that will include:
    • Working at height.
    • In temperatures greater than ambient.
    • Working in noisy environments.
    • Catwalk and open grated pedestrian routes.
    • Accessing confined spaces and pressure vessels through standard walkways and bespoke access points.
    • Ascending and descending stairs and stationary vertical ladders as part of normal work activity and emergency egress situations.
    • Regular exposure to areas where moving mechanical parts and/or machinery are in operation.
    • Required to wear PPE in all areas of plant and task specific as required (e.g. positive and negative pressure respirator, chemical resistant suit, head resistant and flame resistant outerwear).
    • Required to exert physical effort in handling objects (e.g. fire extinguishing equipment, bespoke equipment for blockage removal).
    • Operating other equipment including, but not limited to, industrial forklifts, manlifts, skid steer type loaders, and other mobile equipment.
    • Exposure to physical occupational and environmental risks (e.g. lacerations, burns, exposure to toxic chemicals, dirt, odours, noise, weather extremes, fumes or similar elements). All of which are controlled by Risk Assessment.

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