Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) vision helps guide our strategy, set our priorities and realise opportunities for our employees, partners and communities. It is underpinned by our commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance, which are integrated into the policies and principles that govern our business.


Our energy from waste facilities are governed by some of the world’s strictest environmental regulations, where we are required to meet or exceed stringent standards on emissions controls.

Our environmental strategy focuses on achieving four ambitions. All designed to ensure we have a beneficial effect on the world around us.

Environmental Protection

We ensure we protect biodiversity, ecological areas and associated ecosystem services, such as food, air and water.

Climate Change

We work towards lower greenhouse gas and emissions to help meet reduction targets and Net Zero aspirations.

Air Quality Management

We effectively monitor and remediate air pollution (SOx, NOx and other air emissions) as well as other on-site pollution and emissions.

Sustainable Resources

We manage land and water resources effectively, encourage recycling and use resources sustainably wherever possible.


Our social impact is something that is very important to us. Our four social objectives strongly align with our People and HR strategy – our roadmap to how we will achieve our vision, supported by the strategic pillars of organisational capability, operational excellence, and an inclusive and welcoming culture.

Employee Engagement and Wellbeing

Work to develop an actively engaged team, and promote employee wellbeing to create a positive working environment and culture, to attract and retain individuals.


Work within the community where we operate and with the wider community, through outreach, engagement, charitable work and communication, to maintain our social licence to operate.

Health and Safety

To only have a positive impact on people’s physical and mental health.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Promote diversity, equality and inclusion to attract and retain talented people and improve business results by enabling everyone to fulfil their potential.


Our mission is to power green communities and the circular economy. To be successful, we know that our business has to operate to the highest ethical and governance standards.

The governance of our operations is therefore crucial to us achieving our mission, and that’s why
we have identified four key objectives to help us.

Business Ethics

As a trusted partner to our customers, communities, suppliers, and regulators, we adopt and maintain the highest standards of business ethics.

Corporate Governance

We ensure compliance with best practice in corporate governance, reporting, independence and authorities and approvals.

Risk management

The effective identification, assessment and management of risks and opportunities is an integral part of our management structure and culture.

Tax Transparency

As a responsible, long-term operator we pay our taxes fairly and on-time and we are transparent in the way we structure and operate our business.


ESG Report 2022 – ‘New Horizons’

New Horizons: ESG Report 2022

ESG Report 2021 – ‘Making a Positive Impact’

Making a Positive Impact: ESG Report 2021
Aerial view of the enfinium Kemsley facility

Our facilities

We are proud that all four of our facilities rank within the top ten operational energy from waste facilities in the UK, for overall net carbon benefit for every tonne of waste processed.

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