Our commitment

enfinium’s vision is to make a difference today to deliver a cleaner tomorrow and mission is to power green communities and the circular economy.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG)

Our vision helps guide our strategy, set our priorities and realise opportunities for our employees, partners and communities. It is underpinned by our commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance, which are integrated into the policies and principles that govern our business.

Download the 2021 enfinium ESG report – ‘Making a Positive Impact’

Making a Positive Impact ESG Report 2021

Our approach

Our core values inform everything we do. When it comes to ESG, these values uphold our robust governance systems, risk management and controls. They also help us serve our customers transparently, enable us to invest in our employees and help cultivate a diverse, inclusive work environment while advancing sustainable solutions for our clients and operations.

Hard hat

Safety on Purpose

We work safely on purpose to ensure we all return home safe, every shift, every day. We are empowered to always do the right thing for the safety of our team and the communities we operate in.


One Team

We work best when we work together. We understand that the whole is more important than the sum of its parts, and that each of our different perspectives is valued, listened to and contributes to our overall success.


Pride Matters

We have pride in ourselves, our team and the industry leading service we provide to our customers and communities. We will leverage our experience and our integrity to continue to drive operational excellence and continuous improvement.


Making a Positive Impact

We work hard to make a positive difference every day for our environment and the world we live in. We are responsible for delivering exceptional safety, environmental and operational performance at all times.


Take Ownership

We take ownership to solve business, customer and community problems that improve the circular economy. We will be better than we were yesterday.


Our waste-to-energy facilities are governed by some of the world’s strictest environmental regulations, where we are required to meet or exceed stringent standards on emissions controls.

Waste-to-energy is the best, lowest carbon and only economically viable treatment solution for materials that cannot be reduced, reused or recycled. The only other alternatives are landfill or exporting waste to other countries. But both have a greater negative carbon impact due to the higher volume of greenhouse gas emissions the generate.

In addition to providing the safe treatment of waste, our waste-to-energy facilities generate heat and power. The heat we produce supports the decarbonisation of the heat industry, assisting local governments and businesses in achieving their renewable energy targets. Our facilities produce heat as efficiently as possible, operating above the EU’s R1 energy-efficient threshold value of 0.65 (calculated over one year)*, with our Ferrybridge and Kemsley facilities top of class for U.K. installations.

*The R1 factor is a performance indicator for the level of energy recovery from waste. It is determined as the ratio of the energy produced from the process over the energy contained in the waste corrected as necessary for external inputs, such as additional fuel or heat lost due to residues. Where the value of R1 is greater than 0.65 over the duration of a year, the process can be classed as a recovery operation.

Electricity pylons supplying power for homes and businesses

The power we produce is in the form of electricity, exported to the National Grid, powering homes and businesses across the U.K. Our high energy efficiency is reflected by an inversely proportional low CO2 emission per MWh of electricity produced. In addition to this, as the component of the waste we use to create electricity is around 50% biogenic, we are classified as a partially renewable, low carbon energy source.


All our commercial, industrial, and municipal solid waste contracts incentivise increased recycling rates. As a result, municipalities signed up to our solid waste contracts on average have substantially higher recycling rates than others in the U.K.

We also recycle bottom ash from our facilities into aggregates and construction materials, avoiding unnecessary landfill while delivering our commitment to the circular economy.

And we fully acknowledge climate change and that action needs to be taken. That’s why we’re committed to achieving Net Zero by 2050 and are actively evaluating Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) technology, that gives us the potential to make waste-to-energy facilities net CO2 negative.


Our facilities support local communities by investing in civic and charitable organisations, nearby schools and environmental causes. We also aim to contribute to local economic growth and a better quality of life.

We give back to the communities where our employees live and work by donating to local non-profit enterprises and promoting environmental stewardship. We’ve also contributed to the local economies around our facilities by paying property taxes, salaries, wages and benefits for employees; as well as purchasing goods and services from local vendors and investments in scheduled facility maintenance.

By developing an actively engaged team, we promote employee well-being and create a positive working environment and culture to help us attract and retain the best talent.

Ferrybridge workers

Safeguarding the health and safety of our employees, customers and the communities where we operate is our highest priority. We are proud of our industry-leading safety record and understand that the cornerstone of our organisation’s success has been a strong, uncompromised commitment to safety. We work safely on purpose every day to ensure we all return home safe, every shift, every day, every hour. This company-wide commitment empowers our employees to do the right thing for the team’s safety and in the communities where we operate.


Our structures and processes surrounding Governance promote accountability, transparency and ethical behaviour. We ensure the highest performance levels across everything we do by regularly monitoring how we govern and lead.

Our overarching objective is managing our businesses and associated risks. We achieve this by balancing the interests of our clients, suppliers and investors while protecting the safety and soundness of the company. We focus on understanding not just types of risk but also their drivers and potential impacts.

Our board brings a combination of executive skills and experience that align with our business and strategy. Apart from our CEO and CFO, all our directors are independent, under the standards established by our Corporate Governance Principles.

Our board oversees the business through four principal board committees:

• Health, Safety & Environment Committee

• Finance, Risk Management & Audit Committee

• Development Committee

• Remuneration Committee

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How we work
Aerial view of the enfinium Ferrybridge 1 & 2 facilities Aerial view of the enfinium Kemsley facility

Our facilities

We are proud that all four of our facilities rank within the top ten operational waste-to-energy facilities in the U.K., for overall net carbon benefit for every tonne of waste processed.

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